South Africa

Over the next few week we are going to be learning about South Africa. We are going to be looking at where it is, what the country is like, the food, schools in South Africa and lots more. If you know anything about South Africa already please leave a comment.

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What we know about World War II

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Sentence Competition

To get you guys used to posting comments and blogging we are running a best sentence competition. To enter this competition just improve one of the sentences below and post your best answer as a comment. Don’t forget to only write your first name.

Don’t forget, your sentence must be written in full. No text speak please.

The man walked.

The spider crawled.

Remember powerful verbs, adjectives, adverbial phrases and compound and complex sentences.

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Weather Forecast

Extra Homework

Welcome to the Weather Forecast. Weather Forecast is about the future and what it’s going to be like. In United Kingdom on Tuesday 10th May 2011 that’s tomorrow unfortunately it’s going to rain fast but not long enough, sunny but it’s going to rain slowly. it’s going to be warm.  The degrees is going to be 15 degrees Celsius  and it’s going to be cloudy and windy. That is the end of  the Weather Forecast for todays show.

Goodbye Everyone

From Anousha


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Rabbit poem

A rabbit is some thing that I like

A rabbit i something that is mine

A rabbit hops ralley fast

But when it stops it gouse pop!

A rabbit is nice but it can scarch and bite.

By Fiza

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About Maths

For Maths we have a teacher, who is called Mr Woolmer, and he teaches us loads of things. What he is teaching us now is mental strategies. First we have to know how to do it on a number line. If it is addition you put the highest number first but if it is subtraction you put the lowest number first. The other strategy that we’ve been learning is partitioning so if the sum was 45+27= it would be



60+12=72 or











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when i went to holland

When I went to holland I had have great fun. I Went riding on bikes and i was the fastest Ieven Nealy slipped the bikes are used but you still need to pay if you are 5 or under you need to relax on a big basket withyour dad or mum to ride but it is tricky .We lived there about 3 days .They used to where wooden shoes so my sister has got one because she liked it. I hope you there and have fun .

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Tic Tac Toe…..-Reena

Tic Tac Toe give me a high
Give me a low
Give me a three in a row
Johnny got shot by a Ufa
(pick one)
I win you lose now you get the biggest bruze
Thats fair now I get to pull your hair
(actions with it)

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Six seance

Six seanec a horrer film it is about a littel boy how can see dead people and his mum is worread so she brings a child sicologiast he treasi to get read of his fear but she dosent now he can see dead people but when he tells it the man he gets worred becouse he thouget he will tell it to his mum. Once when he woke up in the night he saw the kichan light on he went to see how was it it was a dead women she had broses all over her face.Also once he saw three people haging on the light at his school also he saw a boy lokked fine but on the back of his head was cut of and had bloud all over it meanwhile his mum was worred and also she thouget he was talking her things but it wasent it was the dead and was ralley scared.

By Fiza


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My next story vote

I do not know what story  to do next so I am having a vote.

Witch story shall I do!!!!!!. please vote for 1 or more

1.Sonic Adventure

2.Sonic Heroes favourite characters from each team on sonic heroes


pleas vote once and as a coment


votes end on the 12th of June 2011.

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